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Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Monday

Things I should be doing:

1. Grading the 98 (!) response papers I have somehow managed to let pile up
2. Prepping for tomorrow's classes
3. Drafting a proposal for a campus lecture series
4. Writing a description for the new course I am teaching next semester

What I am doing:

1. Marveling over the last (casually embedded) phrase I read in one of said response papers: "because women killed chivalry"
2. Wondering a) if I took notes on what I am teaching tomorrow the last time I taught it; b) where those notes might be; and c) if those notes--if they exist and wherever they might exist--could possibly be of any use
3. Being pissed that the lecture series (which under normal circumstances I could really get into) is ultimately a way to "increase my visibility on campus" (i.e. among the members of the p & t committee)
4. Resenting the fact that I have to write the course description so that I can "advertise" and therefore fill this course with students who will then think of themselves as my clients

What I am doing that has nothing to do with work:

1. Reading blogs (must create a blogroll)
2. Wondering if anyone will ever (or should ever) read my blog
3. Smoking too many cigarettes (must slow down, or--dare I say it?--quit)
4. Wondering if my left breast really is bigger than my right breast or if it's just an optical illusion
5. Thinking about sex but not with best-friend-turned-suitor-lover
6. Thinking about best-friend-turned-suitor-lover
7. Considering whether best-friend-turned-suitor-lover might be up for continuing to be best friend but not being a suitor BUT occasionally being a lover
8. Considering when the earliest possible time to switch from coffee to wine might be appropriate

Hmmm . . . once again the not-work list is double the work list (unless we count the ways in which I am sabotaging the work list). All in all--the week seems to be off to a good start.



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