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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Finis! Finis! Finis!

Finally. Have calculated final grades for all classes. Done. Donedonedonedonedonedone.

This wretched academic year is officially over. OVER! Sure, I am painfully weaning myself off of a couple of addictive meds I had to take in order to endure it. Sure, my psychopathic and sadistic institution has me attending two more weeks of totally bullshit meetings. Sure, I have a nasty cold that I am certain I contracted at a recent college function from an obnoxious close talker who talks so close that she spit not only in my face but also IN MY MOUTH. If one of those decontamination stations you see in movies had been close by, I swear I would have jumped into it in full panic, stripped off all of my clothes and have let the sulfurous decontaminating chemicals have their way with every orifice of my body. Seriously, she SPIT IN MY MOUTH. I know I have been known to "swap spit" with those we might in the end call strangers, but PLAGHH! PLAGHH! BWAGHHHH! to what I experienced with this colleague. I am not a germophobe. Just really, though, UGH UGH UGH. So, anyway, yes--this is why (I am convinced) I have a nasty cold. In any case . . . YES! FINISHED!

You, my dear students (you know who you are, could you read this or hear me), are the only ones who have made this difficult year in any way bearable. And you blog world, for welcoming me back after my long silence, rock.

Why am I suddenly turning this into some kind of award speech? Ah yes. . .the exhaustion, the sleep deprivation, the addiction, the weaning. . . it muddles. But hey, DONE!



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