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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Goodbye, Jacques

I know the title is cheesy as all hell, but I REALLY am so sad about Derrida. I don't know if this makes me the biggest geek in the world, and I am not sure if I care. I will try to account for my reaction. From the ridiculous to the sublime:

1. One less theorist in the world that I study with a particular fervor ONLY possible when I believe I COULD potentially bang him.

2. Cixous must be sad. I dig Cixous.

3. My directed study student who studied Derrida with me must be sad. I dig my directed study student.

4. Journalists in the mainstream media are trying to explain deconstruction.

5. All those special conference panels devoted to Derrida that are going to make me gag.

6. His work is now a "body of work" with clear boundaries, so studying him will never be the same.

7. I will never get the sense that I know what Derrida is thinking or writing, only what he thought or wrote.

8. I cannot stress the importance of this enough: I will never get to have sex with Jacques Derrida.



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