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Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday poem, a Medusa original (1986)

King and Queen Termite*

Chain Letter Stand-in or
Mathew the cat's warcry?
And they watch the sky for the mighty fly . . .
And they watch the skies,
For the mighty fly

Ultra marathoning
Beyond all beleif
Belief, belief, belief . . .
Just got feeling music with integrity don't have to be the best musician in the world you just have to mean it
GRIM (theories that harmony breeds)

" . . .it's all monotonous . . .we don't do it because we like it. . .we do it because we're sick. . ."

Bruce Dern

(on running)

How do you know that Bud is really for you?

Give me the freedom to free my soul,
I want to get lost in the rock-and-roll and drift away . . .
Treehouse songs or

Real Live Human Bankers?

*As I go through all of my old photographs in a massive organization attempt, I am finding all sorts of interesting letters, clippings, poems, and stories. In college, I used to keep a notebook with me constantly and jot down poems or ideas as they came to me. Sometimes, I would write a "sketch" of a day or evening by recording phrases that occurred to me or that I overheard or heard on television, on the radio, or in conversation. I would then slap a title on it and call it a "found poem." "King and Queen Termite" is one of my favorites so far.




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