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Monday, June 05, 2006

Clearing out

I need to put some space between myself and the recent breakup ugliness (which I want to blog about, once I get my bearings) not to mention the general nastiness of the Year From Hell. So I am off to the Deep Red to visit my family. This of course will not be in the least relaxing, but I need (and want) to see them. Rather than going in the middle of July or August (and interrupting any summer projects, including the very important Project Kitten) and in spite of looming deadlines, I am going now. Then I will be able to breathe! When I return next Monday, the summer will stretch endlessly before me! Endlessly! That's the general idea, anyway.

OK, to shower, to car, to airport in other city where cheap air fares live, to satellite parking lot, to smelly "valet" van, to security, to plane . . .and finally to the South--where there had better be some version of a Mint Julep with my name on it.

Will blog from the road. If anyone else is laying over in Scarlett and Rhett's city this afternoon, say "hello."



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