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Monday, June 19, 2006

Worth it?

Always. Isn't it a beautiful spot?

I have returned from the ocean retreat to face piles of work, which I am still not really facing, but I do feel better. I have a theory about this thing I do in the summer ( or really any time I have a deadline) regarding my work. The procrastinating, the hemming, the hawing, the panic, the self-loathing, the self-analysis, the angst, the feeling miserable because I am not working--all just some kind of symptom that I am actually enjoying, well at least more that I would enjoy whatever the hell I am repressing. My elaborate plot for dealing with this and doing my work is to ignore the symptom rather than enjoying the symptom, thereby robbing my unconscious of its means of keeping me from doing my work. Those in the mood for a little psychoanalytic theory-making, please feel free to tell me why this strategy will not work. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures from yesterday. . .



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