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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Santoro vs. Blake (in which I objectify tennis players)

A sleepy, punch drunk question for the interwebs after a very very very long day as I drift off to sleep while watching the U.S. Open in the garret-o-televisions:

Do you have to be stunningly good-looking to play professional men's tennis these days? If so, how do they weed out the less than stunningly good-looking players? Are head shots required at some point? Is there a super-secret underground World's Next Top Tennis Star pre-screening competition happening somewhere? A sort of cross between America's Next Top Model and a Zoolander walk-off in which players, guided and judged by, I don't know, maybe Andre Agassi and Bjorn Bjorg, are put through a series of tests--some involving tennis, some involving posing in various stages of sweatiness with rackets, trophies, etc.?

I mean, damn.

How's a girl supposed to get any sleep with this kind of thing going on?




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