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Sunday, November 18, 2007

My father's daughter

My father, in his own words, has been "upset since the day [he] was born," but in a funny, boisterous, ranty, somehow stoic, super Irish way. The "upset since the day I was born" is part of the whining speech, delivered to chronic complainers: "What?? You're upset about something? Why shouldn't you be upset? What's wrong with being upset? You probably should be upset. I've been upset since the day I was born."

Believe me, he had good reason to be upset from that day he was born in 1930 in Southern New Mexico. The times, they were not good. But he and his family made the best of them, and he became a successful man, a good father, and whatever the opposite of a "whiner" is. He never ever complains but oh my god does he rant. The rants, they are endless. I really can't list them all. The most frequent: IDIOTS. The most random: Kenny Chesney. The most recent: unflattering chunky clunky shoes.

So, because I am my father's daughter, here are some things I am TOTALLY AGAINST for no good reason:

1. Flameless candles
2. Andy Rooney's eyebrows
3. Robin Thicke
4. The following words: moist, girth, corpuscle
5. Tom's of Maine
6. Facial hair trends, such as the goatee (or any imitative and therefore uncreative creative facial hair)
7. Caller ID entitlement (not leaving a message on the assumption that I will see that you called and therefore call you back)
8. Olives & mushrooms (I know, everybody loves them. I dare you to make me like them. Stuffed and/or alcohol-drenched not included.)
9. The U.S. media's "predator" fetish

(Okay, so there are good reasons to be upset about one or two of those, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS ROBIN THICKE, but we ranters have our convictions too.)

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