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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brautigan Saturday, "Comets"


There are comets
that flash through
our mouths wearing
the grace
of oceans and galaxies.

God knows,
we try to do the best
we can.

There are comets
connected to chemicals
that telescope
down our tongues
to burn out against
the air.

I know
we do.

There are comets
that laugh at us
from behind our teeth
wearing the clothes
of fish and birds.

We try.

A bit of Brautigan for all my peeps out there who are trying--to write that fantangled conference paper or that beastiferous article, to finish that putrivicious thesis or dagdambled diss, to think that beamlusheried great thought, to make that splooshastically great art, to get though this crabcrickily winter, or simply to get through this boomtickily day.




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