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Thursday, March 06, 2008

This week's wardrobe inspired by . . .

It's really all about boots and skinny legs for miles this week.

I cannot obtain legs for miles but I can obtain boots. I am obsessed with booties this season. In addition to my favorite dark brown fake Chloe's, I somehow accidentally through absolutely no fault of my own came to buy two pairs of black ankle boots, one a little more casual and one more dressy, more slouchy, more fabulous pair, which I call my Apollonia boots. I do not know if Apollonia ever wore such a pair but let's just say if I were exiled to a place where people dressed exactly as if they were on the set of Purple Rain, I would pretty much be right at home with my Apollonia boots.

So the overall inspiration continues to be the '80s, but I think we can also see the influence of my pick for the way above and beyond winner of this season's Project Runway, . . .

. . Christian. Sure, the kid's a brat but he's also a genius.




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