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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Promises to myself, without apology or guilt, for the rest of the '08

--I will spend at least one Spring day and one Spring night in Favorite City.

--I will be awake, as in all night awake, to watch the sun come up at least once this summer.

--I will swim in Favorite Pond at least twice by year's end, once in daylight and once by moonlight.

--I will take a long walk and have a long talk with my mother.

--I will finish at least three projects (creative, academic, or otherwise) by December.

--I will sit on my roof and watch the dragonflies.

--I will keep Rule #2 (Do you want to tell it, Dr. Crazy? Or guess it, anyone else?) in mind at all times.

--I will drink whiskey and drink it well.




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