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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mirror Geography

How to write about this experience? How to write about The Someone? As I navigate this new and intense and passionate and brilliant new relationship, I am struggling with the hows and ifs of putting it into narrative form, especially here.

I will say this. It is one of those rare things. You meet and . . . BOOM. That's it. You are done for this world without this person and this person is done for this world without you.

How do you blog about that which is deeply personal? Love affairs? Those you love? I usually only blog in hints and bits and pieces about relationships, until they are over or nearly over. (In fact, the death knell of a relationship is usually when I start to blog about it.) But I have not felt this way about a person since I began blogging. Hell, I have felt this way only a couple of times in my life. Or maybe never exactly like this.

There is another element of this, an element those of you who recognize the post title as part of a quotation will easily guess, that makes blogging about this relationship a particular challenge. I actually want to blog about this element for many reasons--personal, political, theoretical. Again, though, this is very personal and involves a person and a relationship I want to protect. What to do?

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