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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Bullets of Chaos and Joy

  • I hereby declare this the Summer of Chaos and Joy. I am also going to go ahead and admit to myself that this will probably be a summer of light blogging. Too much joy. Too much chaos. I should point out that both "too much" and "chaos" are as joyful as joy to me.
  • I am hands down head over heels in love with The Someone. In. Love. Bigly.
  • I have recently pissed off important people at work. Again.
  • I have recently made friends with important people at work. Yay!
  • I just spent an amazing few days with my favorite person in Favorite City. Bliss.
  • I leave on Monday for two weeks in the Deep Red. Pretty much dreading this.
  • Work projects languish. I would make a list here of everything I need to do before summer's end, but if I did the space-time continuum would spontaneously explode.
  • The Someone is exquisite. You have no idea.
  • I must work 2-3 hours a day while with family in the Deep Red. Please advise.
  • If you drink many bottles of this wine, you will have a vicious vicious hangover. Trust me: it is The Brain Science (as explained by The Wine Guy at the local liquor store) that proves it. If you do it with a bunch of fun and fabulous people in New York, it will be worth it.
  • This morning I realized that The Someone and I have been together in four states (states as in the United, not psychological, physical, spiritual--feel like we have been in many more than four of some of these together) in the past seven weeks. (By the way--Happy Anniversary, TS.) We are fabulous gypsies.

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