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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Scales or no scales, still a consumer

I need some shopping help, so all of you doing searches for "Dr. Whiskey," "That Tussionex Feeling, "iPod Rockstar Academic," "Seeing Being Seen," or "Medusa Shields," please chime in.

--Where should I stay in New Orleans? Preferably gorgeous, charming, tucked into a nice pocket of the Quarter, and in the $150-$250/night range. Or do I even want to stay in the Quarter?

--Where can I buy a big cushy chair with an ottoman, clean lines, no florals for under $700?

--Should I really buy some cowboy boots for the summer and wear them with dresses or do I have to be a) tall and willowy (and/or British and/or an Olsen twin), b) on the rodeo circuit, and/or c) delusional?



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