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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Are you sure these boots come with straps?

Project Bootstrap, Day Two

EBP (Emotional Barometric Pressure): I am more cranky than sad today, as I had a terrible night's sleep. Since The Grand Breakup, I have fallen into a crazy (non)sleep pattern. Last night I went to bed reasonably early, determined to get good rest so that I could get in a full day's work today. I slept peacefully until 5 a.m. when I was awakened by the distinct feeling that my mouth might be on fire. The cause? Crest White Strips, which I have used before but which have somehow become Crest Poison Strips, oral bane of Medusa. (Yes, I have been pressured by celebrity trends into thinking that nearly day-glo white teeth are Things of Beauty.) I of course then had to take a Percocet. (What? That's what narcotics are for--people who suffer for beauty.) Of course then slept until noon. I think I had dream conversations with The Grand He, head counsel for Fuckwit, Wanker, and Sons. I woke up thinking of him with her and feeling bitter that they are undoubtedly having a beautiful and romantic weekend, running through fields, hand-in-hand, the tune of Peaches and Herb's "Reunited" wafting on the breeze. Then I realized that their time together probably is just that cheesy and remembered that he is somewhat cheesy, not to mention a real motherfucker. Briefly imagined them at a bed-and-breakfast, dead ringers for the "WE ARE LUV-AHHHHS" couple on SNL, annoying all of the other guests. Satisfied, I got to work.

PP (Professional Plan): I actually did work for 5 hours yesterday! Realized that long version of conference paper was not a good model for this article. Decided to model it on very thorough proposal. Realized how much I have to read/research in order to do so. Briefly panicked. Read. I have only worked for 2 hours today, reading and taking notes. I am getting some good ideas and some clarity on various problems with the argument. I should work for another 2-3 hours tonight, but I really really could use a glass of wine. I also should try to get to bed early, and I usually get very keyed up while working. Hmmmmm . . . what to do?



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