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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Major projects

Not of the research type, I am afraid. But finally uploading entire music collection onto iTunes and then to iPod and storing away all CDs and accompanying artwork in convenient and non-space consuming baggies? Painting standing bookshelves, organizing books, and finally starting plans for completing built-in shelves? Hanging artwork? Finishing a huge painting I have been working on for 3 years and hanging it? (By the way, I may blog a photo of it even though it tends to somehow disturb everyone but me and a few select others.) Continuing to organize photographs and writing and letters and countless memorabilia items? Running everyday? Check check check check check and check, as I have done it all--manically--with little sleep over the past four days. Part of this craziness has to do with rabid procrastination, another with my need to reflect and nest before my birthday celebration this weekend, and still another with the mad energy I always get around the solstice.

In any case, the writing is not happening but I am confident that it will and that all will be fine. Delusional? Perhaps. Feeling happy and centered? Definitely. Garret looking a bit fabulous? Absolutely.

And, guess who's arriving tomorrow morning for a visit? Drumroll please . . . . . Dr. Crazy.

You can only imagine the posts to follow.



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