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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hello, my name. . . Hello, my name i-. . .Hello, my name is. . .

It is I, Chunk-o-Pup! I am writing on this fine morning of the day to make the request. Mama Medusa and I would like you to give me a pseudonym, or pseu--dog--nym, if you will. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I make the joke!

Anyway, to return to the business at the hand. What shall we name me? Well, as you can see, I am ridiculously cute. I am supposedly a pure-bred chihuahua, but we suspect I am part chihuahua and part tubby-tubby-chunk-o-pup-a-dor. When I am not romping and playing and making the attempts to decapitate the stuffed cat you see--submissive at my feet, as I have subdued the terrible cloth beast--in this photo, I like to crawl into my dog bed, pull my blanket over the head, and nap the nap. Mama Medusa says I snore. I doubt this to be of truthfulness. I am the lady through and through. When encountering me in the public or upon the first meeting, you might find me a bit haughty. I hold my head high and strike the disdainful pose--nose in the air, averted gaze, the whole effect smacking perfectly, I believe, of the ennui. On such occasions, how the ever, I maintain the composure, never growling or barking or nipping as I hear is common of some of the tubby-tubby-chunk-o-pup-a-dor breed. Do not think me rude. I am simply the bit shy upon making the acquaintances. I have the accent, but MM has noticed it is of the continental variety and not so much of the Central American. In the real life, I have the Puerto Rican name, that which was not given to me by the Medusa but which makes her laughful and of the happiness. She has been calling me by this name and by the most dreadful of nicknames, Chalupa. I call upon you to help me break her of this habit.

What do you feel it is appropriate to call me on the blog of Medusa? I welcome the suggestions!




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