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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random Bullets of I Feel Like Crap

I have sniffles and chills and aches. A cold, plain and simple. I got into bed at 7:30 p.m. last night and pretty much slept straight through to 9:30 a.m. this morning. I still feel crappy. I am too cranky and foggy to put the things bouncing around in my head into narrative form, so . . .

  • I might be turning into my mother. My mother avoids all people with colds at all costs. She will also cancel plans if she is coming down with a cold or recovering from a cold, because she thinks it unforgivably rude to pass on known germs to others. I am especially cranky about this cold, because I got it from someone who knew he had a cold and made plans with me anyway and didn't tell me he was recovering from a particularly nasty cold until he had exposed me to all of his germy germs. Oh god! I am a seventy-year-old woman.
  • But you see, I CAN'T HAVE A COLD RIGHT NOW! This is the week after my holiday but before school starts--the week in which I have to do everything I need to do in order to start the semester on a reasonably sane note. This is TCB week. Dammit!!!!!
  • More evidence that I might be turning into my mother: I bought this. My mother has always refused to use a coffee maker. She has two old-fashioned percolators and makes a pot of decaf and a pot of regular every morning. Is it really worth the trouble? After two weeks of drinking the old-fashioned percolated coffee and then returning to my Mr. Coffee coffee, I have to say "blek, blek, blek" and "yes."
  • At the risk of forever losing my film critic cred, what with yesterday's recommendation and with what I am about to say, that Night at the Museum really is a cute movie. My new favorite word is "weirdie."
  • Is the "Megan Mullally Show" really still on the air? Have you seen this thing? It's unforgivably bad. The conversations I have on my couch with my non-celebrity friends are more interesting. Oh, I could turn to "The View," which airs at the same time. Ayyyyyyyyyyyy! Right, I'll say it again, "Hey Barbara, Rosie, Elizabeth, Joy--you're killing feminism!"
  • I should be getting into the shower then getting into my study and then doing the things with the syllabi and the files and the organizing and the what-not. Don't wanna. Cold. Achey. Pajamas soft. Robe warm. Bed nice.
  • I love The Blog of Henry David Thoreau. Isn't this passage beautiful? I have swum in Walden Pond at sundown more than once and once at night under a full moon. Transformative.
  • Is it okay if I stay in bed today? If I do, I would only have a few days to get ready for my semester--writing syllabi (but I've taught these classes before), reviewing student work (but that does not have to be done right now, necessarily), re-organizing study, etc. Won't I just feel like a useless slug if I do stay in bed? Agh. Annoying even myself.
  • Damn you, Man with Cold! You are bigger and stronger and younger than I am! Damn you for giving me your cold and going on your merry way!
  • When I feel better, I want to blog about my New Year's Resolutions, which are serious this year. Briefly, they are: 1) Goof off more; 2) Indulge on regular basis creative impulses, including new one--sewing--made possible by snazzy new sewing machine I got as a Christmas gift; 3) spend time meditating, first of all and most importantly on the question of whether a) to go for tenure at Foggy C; b) to do a bigger job search next year; c) to do something totally different; or devious option d) to get tenure at Foggy C AND to put most of my energy into doing something totally different; 4) giant Spring cleaning, starting in Winter and lingering into Summer.
  • OK, what if I moved into the living room, set up camp on the futon, did some work, watched some movies, but drank juice and tea and napped at will?
  • I am seriously thinking of getting my hair cut, which is quite long, like this. But not until Spring. Thoughts?
  • I think I might be the most boring person with a cold in the whole world.

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