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Thursday, August 31, 2006

TCB in a flash

Did you know that Elvis had TCB (Taking Care of Business) painted on the tail of his custom jet? It's true. He also wore and gave special TCB lightening-bolt (Taking Care of Business, in a flash) jewelry to his cohorts. That Elvis. Speaking of which, did you see the pudgy pasty red-headed Elvis on Project Runway last night?

I digress. Is it possible to digress before one states her topic? Egad. I've done it again.

Sorry. Bit unfocused. Have only just had first sips of coffee. I am trying to get up earlier and earlier, in preparation to teach morning classes next week. I know, I know--9 a.m. is not that early, but I have been going to bed at 1 or 2 a.m. and pretty much sleeping until 10 every day.

once I mapped out my escape routes the other day, I was able to get down to business. As I forgot to explain in the actual post, thinking of ways to escape actually allows me to get about the business of doing whatever it is I am thinking of escaping. Perverse, I know, but it works.

I have actually been happily working in my office at school--cleaning, doing all kinds of small but necessary tasks, and getting organized. I know it's all going to change drastically next week, but for now it's nice. I am also noticing that I feel better working in my office. I made a few changes and voila! I must have finally achieved good feng shui. I must say that I have a sweet office. You know what I hate, though? When the occasional colleague drops by and tells me how lucky I am to have such a great office and make jokes like, "Oooo, wonder how long before they kick you out." I mean, on the one hand, it's kind of okay in "we are all so oppressed" collegial way; on the other hand, it's just insulting. And it is usually a senior person with an office just as nice or nicer than mine or an administrator. Next time, I think I will say, "You are so right. As a faculty member, I in no way deserve to have adequate work space at my place of employment. I am totally on board for making faculty feel as uncomfortable as possible in their campus environments. I mean, we are lucky to have these jobs at all and now we want a place to do our work and meet with students. I mean, who do we think we are?" Well, for those of you who were worried I had reached a zen-like and very un-Medusa state of calm, there you have it.

But yes, for the most part, I am happily ensconced and taking care of business at a pretty high level of productivity. Another thing keeping me there is the torrid affair I am having with an elliptical machine in the gym. I swear, I am starting to feel guilty about whatever it is that is happening to me on that thing. It feels almost like a religious experience but also somehow dirty.

OK, I am more awake and ready to tc of more b. Please tell me to go out and enjoy myself this weekend, perhaps to drink too much or to eat delicious food that is bad for me or to make out with boys who are totally wrong for me. All of this healthy working and living is starting to worry me.



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