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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Emo? Just no.

[in which I sound, to my horror, more and more like the lonely grandmother who orders Quacker Factory holiday sweater after Quacker Factory holiday sweater from QVC while chain-smoking Benson & Hedges Deluxe Ultra-light Menthol cigarettes in her West Virginia home and whom I secretly find lurking in my psyche and dread becoming]

As September draws near, the young college boy whippersnappers are once again suddenly omnipresent. Now I am familiar with this newfangled Emo business. Lots and lots of boys working the Emo angle at Foggy College. It doesn't do it for me personally, but I kind of get it.

But now I am seeing this new trend involving baseball caps. The smallish cap is set on the back of the head and to a slight sideways angle. Because of this placement, it looks like it would have to be held in place by hairpins. But it's not. I think the gel from the acccompanying faux-hawk meets Dennis the Menace meets Mayor of Munchkinland hairstyle must adhere the cap into place.

The whole effect is kind of Beaver Cleaver or Japanese anime sprung to life or young adult posing as a kid for cheap kiddie porn or . . .a certain je nais c'est just so wrong. Dr. Crazy is seeing a connection of some sort to Emo, but I am not sure. I just want to stop seeing this downright passive-aggressive in its affectation look. It's not even bothering me so much on an aesthetic level as it is on an "officially old enough to recognize a fashion I refuse to understand" level. Make it stop.



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