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Monday, August 21, 2006

But I do have that appointment to have my teeth cleaned on Thursday morning . . .

More Fun wants to fly me out to--of all places--my ancestral homeland for a few days this week. Like in two days. My ancestral homeland. . .the birthplace of my father and home of his side of the family, the homestead of Mama Bear until she recently (and reluctantly) moved to the Deep Red, my off-and-on hometown and city of my undergrad university, the place I love and miss and the place I feel I kind of somehow lost when Mama Bear moved last September. Add More Fun and the rock-n-roll circus in AHL and More Fun with three days off in AHL and Mama Bear actually in AHL for a visit right now and . . .all too crazy to comprehend.

But I clearly have to go, right? School doesn't begin for another two weeks. Syllabi are pretty much done. I am just fiddling with assignments and such. There is some work to be done in setting up new mandatory bullshit online crap for classes. Other than that, this week is just filled with an array of personal and house stuff--teeth cleaning, getting estimates for some home repairs, shopping for back-to-school clothes, etc. Then there was the idea that I would nest and meditate myself into a nice calm state of zen-like happiness and resolve with which to face the rigors of a new academic year. But you know what I might have to say about that? Fuck it.

Then again, I am also not too keen on the idea of flying right now. It's a long-ass flight, even with a hip flask. Does anyone know what the restrictions are at the moment? Like, can I not even take my Afrin on board so that my bad sinuses do not explode during the flight? Are any carry-on items--a handbag, a laptop, anything at all other than passport and ticket--allowed? Am I silly in thinking it might turn out to be two days of flying hell for three days of fun?

Though my oh my but what fun those three days will be. . .



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