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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


More Fun is trying to get to meet him tonight in an out-of-town place. This would mean that we could then drive into my favorite city on the planet tomorrow and spend the day and night together there.

1. I have my old-new class figured out and I am quite quite pleased with what I am teaching. I have ordered books and selected material for electronic reserve.
2. More Fun! Both the man and the concept.
3. Favorite City on Planet! Have not been in a year. Obviously love Favorite City on Planet.
4. It's beautiful beautiful weather--fine for a drive tonight and fun in Favorite City tomorrow.

1. Have not actually written syllabi. But I have a friggin' month! When do I ever get my syllabi done this early? This is not an issue.
2. The out-of-town meeting place just outside of Favorite City on Planet is four hours from here. Four hours of driving. In the dusky dark. Not a fun prospect but see #4 above.
3. Still recovering from last week's adventure. Getting centered. Blah, blah, fuckity blah, insert new agey cliche about balance here.
4. A little wacky, this plan . . .as, in addition to the general wackiness of it, he has to play a rock-n-roll circus gig (which I could go to, so that's kind of a pro) on Friday and then he's off on the road again late night, leaving me to fend for myself four hours from home until the next day.

What do I do?!?!?!?

*Notice my tendency to try to turn every con into a pro, for I am an irresponsible gorgon indeed.



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