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Monday, August 14, 2006


What is flowing through my brain this morning, as I try to focus on the work at hand of writing actual syllabi and finalizing plans for courses . . .

. . .Can I just say how much I am loving the Terror Alert Level situation on my sidebar? Elmo, Ernie, and Bert. Brilliant. Perfectly sums up the administration's response to the recent threat.

. . .All of the windows of my little attic are open and a sweet-smellilng warm summer breeze is blowing. All is quiet except for the various wind chimes around me. Sounds like the air is singing. So beautiful. I feel like I am in a dream.

. . .A tiny tiny tiny part of me kind of sort of might be thinking about going on the job market. That tiny tiny tiny part of me needs to slam it into high gear if it hopes for the rest of me to be ready to do so in the next month.

. . .Mmmmmmm, More Fun. That young man is quite . . .mmmmmm. . .

. . .Why must my sister harrass me every time I call her? How did she manage within five minutes to get in jabs about me not living in the Deep Red and not having a husband? And why must I take the bait every single time? How do I make her stop? I am serious. I really need to know. Maddening.

. . .Tell me I absolutely positively in no way need a Blackberry. I am a) not in the best place financially at the moment or in any foreseeable moment as I am a single assistant professor (in the humanities, no less) living alone in one of the highest cost of living areas in the country on a single assistant professor's salary; b)not a socialite or a mogul who needs to be in constant social or business contact; c) not someone who does not nevertheless crave this brilliant little toy, even though My Two Dads who are moguls of sorts and who are required to have them tell me that they are Of the Devil.

. . . How are ya'll feeling about the template? The new gold tile/glitter/sand thing going on on the sides? The colors? I am feeling an itch to do something different but do not know exactly what.

. . . I am also feeling an itch for a Virtual Happy Hour. Dr. Crazy and I plan to have a series of pre-arranged VHHs starting very soon to get us through the academic year. I encourage you all to get on board this drunken blogging train.

. . .How unfocused am I?



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