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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A happy medium?

So I have decided to meet More Fun late this afternoon in Favorite City. We will spend the evening and most of tomorrow together before I drive back tomorrow evening. This makes more sense, as I was just too busy then just too tired to swing it last night.

The problem is that formulating a plan to take off at the last minute to see someone because you miss each other and really want to see each other and because it's slightly crazy is not supposed to make sense. Which is probably why I feel the way I feel about it this morning. In short, meh.

Truth is I have satifisfied my need for adventure for awhile and am now in work mode. I have also been happy in my own company and in my company alone this week. I am looking forward to the fall semester and want to smooth the way for it to be a good one.

One last adventure, though? Maybe a cup of coffee, shower, and chat with More Fun will have me more motivated. And Favorite City will definitely recharge me. Always does.



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