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Friday, June 22, 2007

A lesson on their heritage, or Papa's definition of classy

Papa, father of Medusa; grandfather of Ozzy and Katydid
Katydid, 12-year-old niece of Medusa
Ozzy, 8-year-old nephew of Medusa

Scene: Papa's car, en route to lunch

Katydid: Ozzy, you need a haircut. You look like a truckdriver.
Ozzy: Nuh uh!
Papa: What's wrong with truckdrivers? What's a truckdriver supposed to look like?
Katydid: Well, I just mean his hair looks like too long and scruffy. Truckdrivers aren't very . . . classy.
Papa: Hmm. Did you know I drove a truck for a while? Your great-grandfather drove a truck sometimes. Five or six of my uncles drove trucks for a living.* In a way, you come from a family of truckdrivers. Truckdrivers are still some of the best people I know.
Katydid: Really?
Papa: Yep. Sometimes classy is about who you are and how you treat people, not about how much money you make or what you do. Plus, driving trucks is kind of cool.
Ozzy: [a huge smile spreading across his face] My hair is truckdriver cool!

(Now we know what I can do if I do not get tenure--follow in the family tradition. You think I'm kidding. Not even.)

*My father's father had 11 siblings and his mother had 10.

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