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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My one birthday resolution

As some of you know, I make jokey resolutions on New Year's (because who can successfully resolve to do ANYTHING in the dead of winter and the middle of the academic year?!) and my year's serious resolutions around my birthday. No long lists this year. Rather, just this one:

I resolve to develop more productive sensible and productive work habits.

I had phenomenal work habits as an undergrad, but they went seriously south at some point during graduate school. I have still managed to get a phenomenal amount of work done, but I have to admit--to myself, to the world--that my habits are bad, nasty, abysmal. I procrastinate, I panic, I self-flagellate, I take to my bed, I take to the drink, I work in long crazy irregular no-sleeping no-showering spurts, I run away with rock-and-rollers, I talk myself up, I talk myself down . . . I do everything but devise a sensible work schedule and stick to it. No longer! If I can pull off the quit smoking birthday resolution of 2005 and the fitness resolution of 2006, I can do this!

So again, I resolve to develop more sensible and productive work habits.

I would love to hear your suggestions and stories, as well as any strategies that have worked for you. I hope to do a longer post about this at some point, once the resolution has been put into practice.

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