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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strange things (sublime, ridiculous, and potentially offensive) that have occurred to me lately

  • Yoga, as it is practiced in groups in the U.S., is essentially a culturally revered form of the otherwise maligned circle jerk.
  • There is such a thing as grocery store check-out line Munchausen's syndrome. GSCLMS involves seeking not sympathy through illness from medical doctors but seeking negative attention from the unwitting by taking too many items through the express line, digging around for coupons that "were just right here,"and/or quibbling over the price of every single item in one's cart. The GSCLMS is always at the grocery store at rush-hour shopping times and pays only with checks.
  • America's obsession with drinking and whatevering is out of control. Drinking and driving is not a moral issue; it's a transportation issue. Addiction is a totally separate issue.
  • Nancy Grace is the Dolores Umbridge of CNN.
  • Suicide only makes sense, in the sense of actually making sense according to normative logic, to the unsuicidal. For the suicidal, life ceases to make sense as a viable option.
  • Persistence is wildly creative.
  • Jesus was a narcissist.



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