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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Because sometimes a girl has to shop . . .

In lieu of a post about summer work/writing strategies that has been brewing all week, I present you with the bargains from today's accidental shopping spree, which happened in lieu of actual work this afternoon. It truly was an accident. I was running a quick errand and there it was--a massive sale at one of my favorite shops. What was I to do?? So while I apparently cannot afford audio books, I can afford . . .

Raspberry satin Keds (a.k.a. my new ruby slippers)

Morphine Generation tank (the mirror design and memento mori sold me)

This cool shirt/dress made of very nice cotton that kind of looks like a lab coat but that is also kind of fabulous. I would not wear it alone like this (because, you know, I am not Beyonce or a stripper/pharmacist) but you get the idea of its possibilities. Apologies for the blurry pics and the very messy bedroom floor.

And this patent leather belt (toile shirt is an early summer purchase from Forever 21) . . .

It could have been much much worse. I had to bite my own hand in order to walk away from this pair of True religion jeans (40% off) and an adorable embroidered dress(60% off but still $91) that reminded me of these little cotton Mexican sundresses I wore as a kid. Grand total? Fifty buckaroos. Fitty.

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