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Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's my great honor to accept . . .

. . .a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award from Lina!! Thank you, dear Lina! Here's what she says:

'Dusa blogs about all sorts, and is very witty, and damn intelligent. Very interesting lady.

I love when people call me smart and witty, but really we all know it's only because I have awesome hair and three T.V.'s in my house.

It's my turn to tag five more bloggers, and I am very excited to award:

1. Artichoke Heart: Artichoke Heart is not only a true rocker but a 21st century poet sorceress. Those of you who know her poetry know that she is the rare sage with the heart and the humor of the ancients and the sensibility and sensuousness of the most forward-looking seers. Those of you who know her blog know she is the hilarious daughter of a mother who makes her sing "Happy Birthday" when she washes her hands and the keeper of kitty cats who make her feed them only the most gourmet of slices, the coveted Jennie-O. I love her and miss her so much when she doesn't blog, even though I know she's off joyously tilting windmills to a soundtrack part Morphine and part deliriously inspired soul.

2. Lucyrain: Another recently absent blogger whom I admire and love. I think we are in similar situations regarding tenure, although I suspect my situation is more dire. Our sensibilities are similar, and more often than not I find myself uttering "Yes! Exactly that . . .exactly yes!" to her posts. I wish and hope for you all the happiness and joy in the world, Ms. Lucyrain.

3. ozma: OK, this nominating the not blogging so much for the moment bloggers is becoming a pattern. I am so enjoying your voice, ozma, and I am looking forward to your return!

4. Hick Chic: Hick Chic doesn't know that I read her blog, and I have been meaning to de-lurk over there for some time now. In short, she rocks the Northern Hemisphere. Not only is her hubby a Canadian audio God of sorts, but she is also a funny and beautiful and totally lovably insane fan of Johnny Depp and horses and tractors and barns and bridles and bits and movies and books (Did I mention she's writing one of her own?) and her kids and fuchsia hair and unruly eyebrows . . . and, anyway, just read her blog. About the time I first started reading her blog nearly--I can't believe it--a year ago, she wrote this post about the death of her horse, Champ. That post was among the most beautiful tributes I had ever read and made me cry for about two weeks and somehow began the healing of many of my own past losses. So she's deserved a big shout out from me for some time. Hick Chic, you rock.

5. New Kid: New Kid is lovely and sensible, and when she flies off the handle I feel completely confident in flying off the handle with her. (Note: Normally when I fly off the handle, I am 97% sure I am a loathsome brat.) She is kind and brilliant at the same time, and I think I know that's a rare thing.

All of these Rockin' bloggers make me stop everything to see what is going on in their worlds when I see something new from them. Rock on, babes!



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