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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Secret message to the Mac Genius Bar genius guy

Damn your cool blue eyes, your faux-hawk, your swagger, and the way you totally ignored that woman who was next in line (I mean it was right there on the crazy Genius Bar wall-o-monitors, dude, "Next Mac customer: 1. Woman next in line; 2. Medusa ") to take care of me! Damn you, you cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE genius man. No one has ever been able to persuade me to back up my data, much less to buy an external hard drive for said job. Damn damn damn you! I will not be so susceptible to your charms next time. Oh no. No I will not. I am onto to your Genius Bar Lothario ways! (See you next week for those tests on my logic board.)




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