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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Frantic Bullets of Crap

  • Middles of the week are hell this semester. Every week I am pretty much completely consumed with teaching and meetings for three days straight, unable to come up for essential things like air, food, blogs, and the new Netflix supplied crack-cocaine of Medusa, Rescue Me. This would be fine if it weren't for the fact that all of the "real work" of prep, grading, research, and writing has to happen during the other four days.
  • Check out the new look-of-the-week feature on my sidebar. As some of you know, fashion is one of my favorite, most obsessive hobbies. When putting together my own outfits (which I never like to do until the day I am actually wearing it--making mornings frantic and packing a total nightmare) I have one or two looks knocking around in my head from one of the dozens of fashion and street fashion blogs I read every day. I do try to adapt the look to be age and work appropriate but some days I end up looking like a Swedish teenager. I thought it would be fun to make the influence factor more of a conscious process, so each week I will be posting a picture (or two) of the look inspiring my wardrobe choices for the week. You can click on the photograph to get to its fashion blog of origin. This week: rocking out the late 80s/early 90s Peter Pan look! with Marlboro Reds! in Paris!
  • I have a third third date with Narcissistic String Theory Guy this week. I am not sure how I feel about it. Part excited, as in I can't wait to see him and hang out with him. Part cautious, as in not sure what this is all about. Why are we seeing each other again? Why now? I think this part-excited, part-cautious attitude would be okay, but the thing is that part of me is TOTALLY excited (wanting to throw myself into this) and part of me is TOTALLY cautious (wanting to run in the other direction as fast and as far as possible). So how can I be part totally something or even two somethings? Well, that's the fun (and the crazy) of me.
  • Chalupa photos soon, I promise!

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