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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Should I buy a lemon tree?


Apparently they are happy as indoor plants. A lemon tree in the garret! How could one be depressed with a three-foot lemon tree in the house? I should mention I really really love lemons. I should also mention that I am in a wicked state of procrastination over a stack of papers I do not at all want to grade. I should also mention--should it not be obvious to all who are privy to the fact that I am entertaining the idea of buying a lemon tree--that the mad nesting of '08 continues, unabated and perhaps even invigorated by the finishing of the shelf project. I should also mention that the bottomless pit of desire to consume evidenced in posts of recent months has varied and complex reasons not the least of which is the pressure to produce and the ever closer and ever more pressing need to create and submit a record of such production. I could explain this by way of Karl Marx and Sofia Coppola, but I think I am going to save that for a class or a paper or both. In short, upcoming tenure bid + Medusa= insatiable lust for shoes and citrus-bearing potted plants.




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