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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


And pretty much intact. I am a little worse for the wear. I feel like I have waded through a couple of decades of murky emotional waters. Was it necessary? Probably. Did I handle it as well as I could have? Probably not.

Thanks for advice, by the way, on navigating the family visit. I only managed to get away to a coffee shop to work 2 (out of 14) days. I did end up going farther South to my father's house and a bit further down the cosmic drain, but I am in the end glad I went.

By the way and fyi, the plane trips to and from the Deep Red were HORRENDOUS. Delays, flight changes, hours and hours in airports, lost luggage. The airline system is broken, people, just in case you did not already know. I have traveled twice a year to the Deep Red for the past 15 years and I travel at least one a year for conferences, and I have never seen anything as ludicrous as what went on these most recent flights. Broken.

Okay. End of rant, I think. I do have something to say about the growing popularity of the Aerobed and the serious threat to sleeping comfort it poses for millions of visitors in homes across the country, but I will save that for another day.

I know I sound like a spoiled and ungrateful asshat of a traveler but DUDES it is good to be home and back with The Someone and easing back into what will be a crazy busy but--I have no doubt--completely awesome rest of the summer.

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