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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Things I am wondering . . .

. . . in my sleep-deprived state:

1. Why it takes me so long to grade and why I absolutely detest it

2. How I can find more time to do my research, and if I really enjoy it as much as I think I enjoy it (or if I am just thinking of it longingly because I don't have time to do it)

3. If Johnny Damon would have sex with me

4. If the Fuckwit Neighbors heard me having sex with Cassio last night

5. Why I never hear the Fuckwits having sex

6. If the Fuckwits actually have sex

7. If I really drank most of the contents of the many empty wine bottles in my recycling bin

8. If I should get a tattoo, and--if so--what tattoo (and where)

9. If I should get a cat and if I am really over the death of my last kitty (who I had for most of my adult life and who was my soulmate)

10. If I can really re-read Orlando in the next 10 minutes (before the baseball game comes on)



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