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Saturday, December 11, 2004

In the stars?

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, December 11:

Relationship matters could take quite the surprising turn -- and a casual friend you've been attracted to for some time may be the reason. Just don't be diverted from your goals. Play your cards right and you can have it all.

Hmmmm . . .would that be a casual friend I have been attracted to and HAVE slept with or a casual friend I have been attracted to but HAVE NOT slept with? Because, as we know, I have pretty much slept with with all of my friends, i.e. the "surprising turn" in my case is no surprise. Am I wrong to equate the astrological euphemism "surprising turn" with "hot sex"? Is the "surprising turn" something else entirely?

I am off for a holiday party/weekend in a coastal town, and I am as happy as a little child or perhaps a sailor on leave. I am free! free! free! for the moment, at least until it all comes crashing down with exam grading next week. Am going with my friend, Paloma, and our gay husband, Antony. Would of course like to have hot sex with my gay husband, which he knows since I constantly suggest such surprising turns in our relationship, and which amuses him, especially when Paloma and I battle over his affections.

Know enough to know, however, that Paloma, Antony, and I will just end up naked in a hot tub having a drunken discussion about how, in Antony's words, "pussy just isn't that interesting." Sigh.



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