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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Snapshots of an evening

I have been inspired by Profgrrrl's great photoblogging to do a bit of my own.

I am consistently amazed by Profgrrrl's culinary skills. I have tried to imitate her presentation style, with bad results. This is (hilariously) what I had for dinner last night . . .

. . . before I went out and had several of these:
fire water

This is Feste's microphone. That is not Feste underneath the exit sign:


This is the hand of one of my favorite Whore Pants All Stars, just before he got ill on bass:

all star on bass

This--which I found atop my new down pillow complete with new 600 thread count pillowcase (my head hurt, so I recently splurged)--is what I very wisely did not take when I got home:

holy syrup



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