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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

On a high

Could be the "exaggerated sense of well-being" that is listed as a side effect of that sweet elixir, Tussionex (By the way, should this be listed as a "side effect" or as "one of the top ten reasons to ingest this drug"?), but I am pretty certain it is because:

1. A journal solicited--out of the blue--an article (based on a talk I gave at a conference last year) from me for consideration in an upcoming issue. Really good journal and this rarely happens in my field (unless one is important, which I am not). Very, very excited (in spite of minor details, such as not having an article-length version ready for review).

2. Paper accepted for conference in the Spring. Love this conference. Love my idea for the paper (of course unwritten) that I will be giving. Love the Rockstar Professor (the academic equivalent of a WPAS) who flirts and drinks with me at this conference every year.

3. Despite the stacks of ungraded exams that are piling up by the minute, I can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel that was this semester.

4. If I get through a good amount of the evilly constructed but easy-to-grade exams by this evening, I might actually be able to go out tonight (and I do not have to be anywhere in the morning or in any shape to "be doing the awake things in the morning").

Of course could and should spend night and tomorrow working on that article. Fuck it . . . will enjoy bliss, even if short-lived, for now.



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