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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Mad Proliferation of Bassists (and t minus 3 to deadline)*

Is it normal to make out with more than one bassist in a four-day span?

Sadly that is the question I am most concerned with this morning.

What I should be most concerned with is that I only have three days to finish the article. But I have absolutely NOTHING else scheduled or demanding my attention for the next few days (unless of course another bassist shows up in the garret, which I am going to do my very best to prevent). I have, in a way, been writing this article since February. Gave a conference presentation on the primary texts, introducing and half-answering the major questions for this publication. Was well-received, and feedback generated new ideas. Have read extensively and taken exhaustive notes on the topic. Have some good pages, including introduction that only needs a bit of tweaking and sections that only need a bit of beefing up. And, as I have to keep reminding myself, this is only the initial draft deadline. Yes--this is definitely doable.

Isn't it?

*Note to New Kid: Notice that "balls out" is present as an anagram in the title.



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