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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the road again?

I have a chance to run away with the rock-and-roll circus again, pretty soon and for as long as I desire. This is most tempting. Most tempting indeed.

It is also possibly a Very Bad Idea. What business do I have gallivanting (as my father would say) about the country on a tour bus? On the other hand, if I got all of my work done beforehand, what would be the harm? Okay, besides the standard inherent hazards of la vida loca on the road with crazy rocker gypsies? (I am kidding. As crazy rocker gypsies go, these are pretty tame.)

I have been entirely too much in my head lately. I did have an entirely insane year. This might be just the thing before the school year starts, right? I do love a road trip. I really really do.



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