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Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I am famous for on Google

My top google hits over the past few days form an oddly accurate portrait of this blog. Well, poor unsuspecting googlers who innocently stumble upon my blog, I will do my best to provide some answers for you.

lacan fight club
Brilliant idea! I'm in. Rule #1 You do not talk about Lacan fight club. Rule #2 You do not talk about Seminar XII . . .

movie about killing medusa
No! Bad idea! Bad! Perseus, is that you? What are you doing in Perrysburg, Ohio?

hippie dancer
You really don't want to see that.

she spit in my mouth
I am so sorry, dude. That recently happened to me, and it's disgusting.

beautiful retards
Slip under the radar every time. Often end up on reality shows.

tussionex image
OK, you cough-syrup fiends, I cannot stress this enough but I am only going to say this one last time. Tussionex is a highly addictive narcotic! Yes, yes, yes--you can find many an impassioned post on this blog praising it as the greatest drug of all time. Know why? Because those were the words of a fiend, my friends, a lame lame cough-medicine fiend! And now you are looking for an image of it? Shatter this idol, people! At the very least, find a sexier drug.

inverse narcissist

In my understanding, an inverse narcissist, a.k.a "narcissistically wounded," is someone who caters to the needs of a narcissist in order to feel love, including self-love. This person is usually raised by at least one narcissistic parent and is never allowed to experience the stage of healthy narcissism (realization, fulfillment, and validation of needs and desires) normal children do. As an adult, the person is unable or unwilling to express his or her own needs and desires. He or she often seeks a co-dependent relationship with a narcissistic partner whose own needs dominate the relationship. In fact, the narcissistic partner has no idea that the other person has needs or desires separate from his own, which is kind of true when that other is an inverse narcissist. In a relationship with a narcissist, the narcissistically wounded partner does not have to deal with the discomfort of expressing his or her own needs and desires. Interestingly, inverse narcissism is considered a form of pathological narcissism. I believe that the inverse narcissist, though, is obsessed not with the self (as the pathological narcissist is) but with the self through the eyes of others. To my mind, the inverse narcissist is also either consciously or unconsciously obsessed with self-obsession itself. Viewed in this way, the inverse narcissist is kind of a meta-narcissist.

he's brushing me off
Make out with a bassist immediately. You'll feel better.



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