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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday memes

I should be writing. As I fell asleep last night, I had a dream that I was walking down a path, only to be forced to a smaller path on the side by a huge slow-moving train behind me inching closer and closer. The side path became smaller and smaller until it eventually dwindled to nothing . . .and BOOM, I awoke. Yeah, that train would be the big fat deadline I am ignoring but must ignore no longer.

So I might disappear for a few days, but in my absence I am leaving some memes for your memeing pleasure.

The Dictionary Meme: This is kind of an offshoot of the popular photo meme I have seen at Profgrrrrl's and New Kid's. It was suggested by Clare in jest, I think, but I am a geek so. . .for the fabulous geeks among us--post a picture and/or description of your most-used dictionary. Include the last word in the dictionary, complete with definition. You can see mine here, and--yes--it's so old and worn that it is missing some of the y's and all of the z's.

Haiku in the Raw Meme: You can save this one for Friday poetry blogging if you wish. Look out of the window. Write a haiku about what you see. The idea is to be quick. Edit minimally but remember the rules: 5-7-5 (first line is 5 syllables, second line is 7, third line is 5), usually each of the first two lines contains a concrete image which the third line somehow brings together.

Finally, found over at the incomparable Lorna Dee Cervantes's place, The MeMe Meme: Thirteen Weird Things About Me. I think you are supposed to do it on a Thursday (for alliterative purposes), but . . .

1. I don't like chocolate.
2. I meow, mostly to cats but sometimes not.
3. My first published academic article begins with a quotation spoken by my ex-boyfriend in a critically acclaimed film. The article seems to be about politics and art but it's mostly about our breakup.
4. I am terrified of large concrete objects in bodies of water.
5. I am a lucid dreamer. I regularly fly, often speak French (which I do not know in real life), and sometimes shape-shift in my dreams.
6. I only like to swim in very cold water, preferably around 60 degrees.
7. I am obsessed with bears and alpacas.
8. I have what can only be called a phobia of the word "moist." I cannot hear it (or even think it) without being physically repulsed.
9. I wrote a 60-page story about trapeze artists when I was nine years old.
10. I was almost an air traffic controller.
11. My sister has called me Agapita since I was born, even though not one of those letters is in my real name.
12. I am friends with some ghosts.
13. I pray to goddesses everyday.



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