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Monday, July 03, 2006

Who recalled my John Irving? (A call for help)

Last night turned into one of my sleepless nights, which is why I was online at 5 a.m. renewing the library books that are due today. I am very very cranky this morning because 1) three hours of sleep after the sun has come up does not a good night's rest make; 2) I spent the sleepless hours finishing one book (Julie & Julia, loved it) and then being very excited to start the next in queue, Irving's Until I Find You only to learn that SOMEONE HAS RECALLED MY COPY OF UNTIL I FIND YOU. Who are you people who will not let me keep even Hegel's lectures on aesthetics for more than a couple of weeks? You are voracious readers with fine and rarefied tastes and YOU MUST BE STOPPED.

Anyway, I am going to take a walk later to the little public town library of the readers who won't let me finish my books to return my Irving. In order to make this in any way bearable I must check out another book to replace it because it was last in the fun, non-work related reading pile. I need a great great read for down time while working, a book that is going to take my mind off my work but not too much off my work because I actually like what I work on and want the book to have some substance in that direction. (For example, I have done some work on Irving and really wanted to read my copy of Until I Find You until IT WAS VIRTUALLY STOLEN BY SOME LITERARY PUNK.) Or maybe I am up for some total fluff. And I could be up for something along the lines of Philip Pullman or the Potter, both of which I do love.

Hell, I might even go to the coffee shop/bookstore to do some work and (gasp) buy an actual book as a reward. Please forgive me for being as annoying and whiney as I know I am when I have not slept and let me know if you have any suggestions.



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