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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ten from today's work shuffle

1. Yo La Tengo, "Stockholm Syndrome"
2. Lucinda Williams, "Blue"
3. Wilco, "The Lonely 1"
4. Old 97's, "Salome"
5. Liz Phair, "Gunshy"
6. Aimee Mann, "You Do"
7. Emmylou Harris, "Deeper Well"
8. Stereophonics, "Roll Up and Shine"
9. Bright Eyes, "Touch"
10. Radiohead, "Exit Music (For A Film)"

Lyrics sung most loudly in joyous solidarity of feeling:

"And I'm tired of makin' friends.
And I'm tired of makin' time.
And I'm sick to death of love.
And I'm sick to death of tryin'.
And it's easier for you
Yeah it's easier for you."

Uh huh. You sing it, Rhett Miller, you bitter and beautiful little alt-country rocker, you.



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