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Monday, June 26, 2006

Random musings of Medusa and Crazy

--Neoprene comfort clogs: How do they offend us? Let us count the ways.

--The new Ashlee Simpson depresses us in a vague yet profound manner.

--Would you rather live above Napoleon Bonaparte or Napoleon Dynamite?

Hello, Dr. Crazy here. Medusa cannot write, and she'd like me to provide some musings. [Edited to add: Medusa now is being a backseat blogger, and she says I can't say she can't write because she wrote the above, but what I MEANT was that she could no longer write, and so I had to take over. Now do you see why things are hard for us? Why the blogging does not go smoothly? I should also note that neither of us is drunk - which might actually help, though, come to think of it - nor are we in a food coma.] So anyhow, now let me come up with some musings. I am going to number mine, as it is more comfortable for me.

1. Let's say that you know this guy. He's 35 years old. And in his bedroom, he has a framed poster (yes, that's right, a framed poster) not unlike this one. And it's not up there in some sort of ironic way. Oh no it's not. So, the question is: Can a person have a "meaningful" relationship with this man? [I feel compelled to add that my answer to this question is, oh my god, no.]
2. Why, when people see babies, is the first instinct to want to eat their faces and feet? Discuss.
3. Medusa, in thinking about procuring a kitty-cat for herself, seems determined to get a girl-kitty. While I understand her reasons, I feel like she discriminates against the boy-kitties who really are very nice, even if like mine they're kind of whore-y. Is it fair to pre-select the sex of kitty-cats before you meet them?
4. Is it ok to spend $1,800 dollars on a pink Chanel blouse if a.) you are not Mandy Moore on the cover of Elle, b.) you do not have independent wealth, but c.) it is for your very special birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant? Incidentally, it is the exact shade of pink that Chelsea Handler calls - in her excellent work, My Horizontal Life - "summer whore." This is a good thing.

I'm tapped out, back to Medusa :) xo, Dr. C

That Supernanny's (Jo Frost, I believe) accent? Please identify by specific region. All I can possibly muster at the moment. Can't account for what has happened to me. May be sugar, alcohol, or sex related. xo, Dr. M



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