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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today in Pop Culture, or The Tired Professor

Why didn't those of you who have been back for a week or two warn me about the exhaustion I would feel going back this week? Okay, maybe you did. Because I am absolutely spent from only two days (?!?!) of being back, I will not be posting anything of substance. Rather I bring to your attention a few things of note from the popular culture scene on this day in the U.S. This is of course something I as a tired professor would ONLY do here and never EVER in class on those days I am too tapped to do more.

1. Have you noticed that everyone on The View but Rosie O'Donnell has some version of the mullet? I cannot say enough bad things about this show. "You're killing feminism!" will have to suffice for now.

2. While The Superficial is speculating that Suri Cruise is actually Asian, I am pretty certain that she is either Keanu's or Johnny Damon's kid.

3. United 93 comes out on DVD today. Just in time for your 9/11 5th anniversary party preparations!



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