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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Should I sell stuff on eBay?

I am looking for other sources of income. As I have mentioned here before, life in the big city living alone on my salary is not easy. And for various reasons I will not go into at length because I feel I have been depressing enough lately, things are not getting easier. I am getting raises, but they are eaten up by increases in fees and premiums. Owning a condo in a rapidly gentrifying area with the "get busy spending or get busy dying" modus vivendi of neighbors like The Fuckwits is starting to make it more and more difficult to keep my head above water.

So I am actually serious about the eBay question. I am of course looking at other more lucrative possibilities like going back to freelance writing and editing or teaching summer or night courses, but I have yet to find a way to make any of those options work while trying to get tenure. I need time to write. I need to write to get tenure. So I figure why not sell some stuff? I have been going through my closets, getting ready to make my every-two-to-three-years trek to Goodwill. I really do have a good amount of clothing, shoes, and bags I could sell. I have a good eye and a great bargain shopping instinct, so I even have some designer and super funky vintage stuff to sell.

But is it really worth it, given the fees and the time it takes to post, ship, etc.? Does anyone have experience with this or know someone who does? Even if you do not, what are your thoughts? Is it a stupid idea? Any other thoughts on how to be an enterprising gorgon?



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