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Monday, October 02, 2006

Tell me I can stay in bed

I am sniffly, achey, and I have chills. I do not have to teach today, but I have a ton of work to do including pages and pages of reading and the drafting of application letters.

(I have decided to apply for about a dozen jobs, despite Jackass Prickface's attempts to squash me like a bug. Even if I do not get any interviews, it will at the very least be a good exercise that will allow me to think very clearly about where I am and where I want to be--including the very real possibility that I want to stay here and in fact go up for tenure next year.)

Anyway, back to today. Today is the only day this week I am not going to be crazy busy with teaching, meetings, etc. I could get up, shower, take an invigorating walk to a café and do work. Or I could stay in bed and read and nap and drink tea and read and snooze and read and watch QVC (someday I am going to explain this bizarre addiction that has nothing to do with shopping as I have never made a QVC purchase) and read and eat soup and relax and read. . . .

Desperately want option two but would probably have more energy if I went with option one, in case I really am coming down with something in which case I will be sniffly and miserable in some café .



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