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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Though you are the size of my head, I shall defeat you (or Die Froggy Die)

As you can see, things have been quite busy around here, with froggies needing to die painful deaths and such.

The Chalupa and I are getting along marvelously, but sadly it looks like this will only be her foster home until I find her a better, most perfect home. She is not doing so well with the many stairs involved in living in an attic and with the spastic dog downstairs, with whom she shares the yard. She loves nothing more than to be in my lap, but my lap is unavailable for large portions of the week--often 12 hours a day. I am in touch through the veterinary hospital and various rescue leagues with some wonderful people, so I feel confident we will find her a great home. Already there are a couple of good possibilities. Still, it will be a sad day indeed when she goes. There's always the possibility I will not be able to let her go, but I need to remember it will be better for her. So, for now, I will be making the garret the happiest possible foster home for Her Majesty, Chapula Chunk-o-Love.

In other news, the semester is off to a busy start. Once again, my course-release time (for research) is being sucked into the Black Hole that is my Toxic Devil Chair's service agenda, including the many obligations of serving on search committees for multiple searches run in the most stupidly fucktarded (and I am almost quite sure illegal) ways possible. My classes and my students are awesome. My colleagues (with exception of Toxic Devil Chair) are awesome. Foggy C, while fucked-up in various ways, is fine. My personal life, since resolution of Big Deal Personal Suckage, is full of all manner of bright and happy possibilities. If I could just find a way not to let Toxic Devil Chair toxify my life, I would be fine.

In New Year's Resolution news, "goofing off" is going particularly well, which is why I think I will ignore the prep for a class I have only taught once two years ago (a perpetual untenable position I find myself in due to utterly unrealistic demands of Toxic Devil Chair) and the stack of ungraded papers to go see Pan's Labryinth this afternoon and then settle in with the Chalupa for wine and Grammy fun (and froggy killing) this evening.

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