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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day of beauty

Must get ghost photo off top of page, as it is now creeping me out.

So I have the research for the paper done and the paper mapped out in notes. It would make sense to write the thing today then, right?

Right. But instead I am going for a hair cut, highlights, mani-pedi, bra fitting/bra buying, and conference outfit shopping. I just found out it's likely to be 70 degrees in conference place during conference time, and this changes wardrobe plans SIGNIFICANTLY. I forget what 70-degree clothes I have in my closet, so the only logical plan is to buy new 70-degree clothes.

I am such a sensible girl.

Because I can't resist, here is a shot of Chalupa traversing the tundra in her favorite sweater and thinking longingly of the ancestral homeland.

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