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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Funny or sad?

  • Those fifty midterms I have been avoiding grading all day? When I just finally went to my bag to get them. . .no midterms. Yep. I left them in my office at school. And how do I feel about this? Not unlike a school child on a snow day.
  • I got a rejection letter in the mail. I was confused for a good twenty seconds or so, because I had forgotten I had applied for a position there.
  • My dormant late 80s crush on Robert Downey Jr. has returned with force over the past six months or so. Why, you ask? I can only speculate, but to start I might consider what these three characters * have in common.

*Went to a screening of Zodiac last night. I recommend it, though it's looooooong and unwieldy in that David Fincher way and almost too carelessly misogynistic in that David Fincher way--but I think with a purpose, as the case was looooong and unwieldy. That, though, of course doesn't explain the carefully careless misogyny. Maybe the carefully careless misogyny falls within the parameters of the very sick yet very funny tone of Fincher's movies. The vehicle for so much racism and sexism is humor, and there's this weird sick humor in his films. Anyway--I do recommend it, if only for its unsatisfying, never-ending conclusion and its hilarious and disturbing send-up of police incompetence (or corruption. . .I can never really figure out which or if there's a real difference).

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